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Investment Transfer Policy


On 22 July 2008 the Manager of the Fund (Fund Managers Canterbury Ltd (FMC)) advised investors that all withdrawals from the Fund had been suspended for 90 days and would then be followed by the 90 business day redemption period making the effective date for the payment of redemptions March 2009. This action was taken to secure and protect the Fund from an unprecedented level of withdrawal requests from unitholders.

On 11 February 2009 the Manager (FMC) resolved that the Fund should be wound‐up and the assets realised to permit the pro‐rata repayment of capital to unitholders. Since the decision to wind up the Fund, the realisation of the Fund's assets has been supervised by the Trustee, who has contracted a third party credit consultant to manage the realisation process. At 31 December 2012 capital repayments of 83% of the unitholder balances at suspension have been made to all unitholders.

While these actions resulted in the suspension of all withdrawals from the Fund, transfers between unitholders or to new unitholders in the Fund have continued to be processed.

CMT’s transfer policy is:

  • Transfers are permitted where the party is exiting/joining a PIP (PIE investor Proxy or wrap fund), between existing unit holders or on distribution of an estate, trust or other entity. With the funds moving to an existing or new investor within the Fund.
  • At the time of suspension the minimum investment in the Fund was $500. As at 31 December 2012, as a result of the reduced fund size the minimum new investment in the fund is $85.00.
  • Further repayments of capital will see this threshold reduce, based on the percentage of unit holders funds returned.
  • For the transfer to be recognised, the seller and the recipient of the transferred units must supply the minimum information outlined in the form below. This form is a guide only and any securities transfer form is acceptable, provided all the requested information is supplied.



To view the full transfer policy document, click here.





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