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08 April 2020

Investor update to accompany PIE Certificates


CMT's office remains closed for the duration of the lock down and as far as staff are able, they will be working from home and responding to investor queries. The preferred communication method during these times is by email,, but staff will be clearing CMT's PO Box periodically and telephone messages regularly.

Wind up and repayment:

We had previously advised that we hoped to make the final payment in March, but unfortunately this has now been delayed. We hope the payment can be made in late April. The Manager and Trustee are working on the final allocation of income and distribution, but this does depend on circumstances as they develop over the coming weeks. It is envisaged that once the final payment is made, and subject to FMA approval, CMT will prepare Financial Statements for the 13 months to 30 April 2020, and these will be audited and circulated to investors. When that is completed CMT is wound up.

As the office will be permanently closed once the financial statements have been circulated, investors should ensure they are careful to retain the final PIE tax certificates, as copies will no longer be available.

Please ensure that if your address or bank details have changed since November 2019 that you have advised CMT's office of these changes so that you receive the final payment and associated documentation. The Manager will accept most changes on email, but bank account changes should be accompanied by a scan or image of a bank statement header or similar showing the account name and number.

Please stay safe during this time and further information will be provided as circumstances permit.

Yours failthfully



Colin Gower


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