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Update from the Chairman of FMC - Dec 2012



The end of the 2012 is fast approaching and it seems timely to post a short update for Investors.

The Trust has had enquiries as to when the next capital distribution will be made and in particular, if there will be a payment of capital before Christmas.  Unfortunately, there will be no payment before Christmas and we can give no indication of when the next repayment of capital will be made.  Our recovery specialist is working towards and in particular negotiating behind the scenes, to progress the realisation of the current loans. This all takes time but we can assure you that there will be further payouts, but it will be a slow process. The value of investor’s balances, as at suspension, repaid to date is 83%.
The financial accounts were released and a further repayment of capital made in August this year.  If for any reason your payment has not been received please contact our office.   There are still a very small number of investors who we have been unable to make repayments to, due bank accounts being closed.

Please note that due to the earthquakes many Investors have been on the move and if you have moved recently would you please advise us in writing (one of the post office moving cards is fine) or a short letter, to enable us to keep in contact with you.  The same goes for bank accounts that have been closed.  The Trust does not have a cheque book and all payments are made direct to investor bank accounts, which makes it very important that your banking records are kept up to date.











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