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20 June 2019

Interim Update to Unitholders

With the recent media attention on the IRD and work being undertaken to trace taxpayers using an incorrect Prescribed Investor Rate ("PIR"), the Directors of the Manager have chosen to share the IRD press release below, to remind investors of the importance of selecting the correct PIR.

If in doubt, a copy of the IRD flow chart for selecting the correct PIR (IR861) is included in CMT's investment transfer policy available here on this website and you should contact your financial advisor or tax accountant to confirm you are on the correct PIR.

Not mentioned in recent media coverage is that if an investor is non-resident for New Zealand taxation, they are required to use 28%, this also applies for investors who have not supplied an IRD number. Other changes that have occurred in the last 12 months are that CMT is now required to supply the date of birth for unitholders when filing annual returns with IRD and must hold a NZ IRD number or tax number from the investor's country of residence for non-residents when creating a new investment.


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