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1 May 2020

Investor Update

Wind up and repayment:

The Canterbury Mortgage Trust ("CMT") has now made the final payment to investors, with the documentation relating to this transaction delayed due to a software issue, once that is resolved a final PIE certificate will be sent to all investors. This process could take a 7 to 10 days by the time the documents are produced and posted, so we ask that investors be patient while the matter is resolved.

The final recovery in relation to CMT now sits at 93.5 cents in the dollar of the funds originally frozen, which is greater that the initial forecast recovery of 87 cents.

The only other matters remaining will be the completion of the Audited Financial Statements from 1 April 2019 until the date of termination and deregistration of the scheme from the Disclose Register. Once these actions are complete and circulated the wind-up process will be finished.

As the office will be permanently closed once the financial statements have been circulated, investors should ensure they are careful to retain the final PIE tax certificates, as copies will no longer be available.


CMT's office remains closed to all visitors and as far as staff are able, they will be working from home and responding to investor queries. The preferred communication method during these times is by email,, staff will be clearing CMT's PO Box periodically and telephone messages regularly.

Please stay safe during this time and further information will be provided as circumstances permit.

Yours failthfully



Colin Gower


For Canterbury Fund Managers Limited





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